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For a floundering franchise that ranked 25th in home attendance last year – and has missed the playoffs 10 of the last 12 seasons – the Jacksonville Jaguars sure were tardy to the Tebow Trade Party. One wonders how excited the Jags even were to attend, because once the lights went up, there were no party favors left to be had: the Jets had picked ’em clean. After a captivating sophomore season, during which he delivered an AFC West title and a riveting playoff win over the Pittsburgh Steelers, Tim Tebow seemed poised to solidify his hold on the Broncos’ starting QB position. Instead, the arrival of Peyton Manning in the Mile High City only expedited Tebow’s ticket out of town. The Broncos’ sudden harvest of QB riches, that in turn necessitated moving The Messiah, offered an unexpected bounty to a team enterprising enough to recruit Tebow to lead its flock. That team was not the Jaguars.

Since its inception in 1995, Jacksonville’s NFL tenure has been a roller coaster ride: Tom Coughlin did the unthinkable by guiding the Jags to the AFC Championship Game in only their second year of existence, compiling a sparkling 49-31 record over his first five seasons at the helm. Dark days soon followed, and after three consecutive losing campaigns Colonel Coughlin was summarily stripped of his rank. Jack Del Rio succeeded him – if you consider one playoff win in nine years a success. Outgoing team owner Wayne Weaver surely tired of Del Rio’s empty promises, so Weaver fired the former NFL linebacker as a housewarming gift to new steward Shahid Khan – who inherits the Jags’ checkered history along with an ocean of tarp-covered seats.

Khan’s first order of business is restoring hope to a jaded fanbase. After some speculation that the Jags would be a relocation candidate once the NFL flies its flag in Los Angeles again, the billionaire’s purchase of the franchise came with the understanding that he’d keep the team in Florida. Khan elected to retain general manager Gene Smith, whose evaluation could best be termed incomplete after three years. As this new regime’s first head coaching hire, the Jags settled on Mike Mularkey, former head man in Buffalo and late of the Atlanta Falcons coaches’ booth. With Jacksonville’s holy trinity (owner|GM|head coach) in place, the question remaining is who will pilot the ship, and Blaine Gabbert didn’t exactly earn his wings during a pathetic rookie season.

All of the above seemed to set the stage for the prodigal son’s return to the Florida coast, but it wasn’t in the cards. Despite Mularkey’s insistence that he wanted Tebow, the Jags either weren’t willing or savvy enough to outbid the New York Jets for his services. The Jets offered to contribute half of the $5 million balloon payment owed Tebow for the coming season, and 4th and 6th round picks, for the QB and a 7th rounder from the Broncos. Jacksonville reportedly offered to pay “more than half” of the $5 million, along with a 4th rounder – but no sweetener. The Jags’ stated reasoning was their steadfast belief that you build teams through the draft – though ironically their draft record has been spotty, and none of their recent high draft picks have delivered a fraction of the value Tebow did in two short years in Denver (namely a playoff win).

Throughout his time in Buffalo and stints as offensive coordinator of the Steelers, Dolphins and Falcons, Mularkey’s coaching style has displayed hints of innovation, but he prefers to establish a power running game as the engine of offensive production. With the Jags, he has the makings of a solid offense in running back Maurice Jones-Drew, newly-acquired wide receiver Laurent Robinson and talented tight end Marcedes Lewis. The lynchpin still is Gabbert, and by whiffing on Tebow the Jags appear to have gone all-in on pocket rags – Mularkey’s track record developing quarterbacks notwithstanding. I shudder to think Jacksonville’s preference for Gabbert is predicated on the image of the prototypical quarterback, because how many rocket-armed male models have petered out at the position? The graveyard of never-weres is littered with them.

So I suppose Jaguar fans (the brave few who actually attend home games) will be left to wonder how Tim Tebow would look in teal and black. That means untold season ticket and jersey sales down the drain, not to mention the monumental goodwill squandered. A shame too, because I fear they’ll likewise be left to wonder what a winner looks like. Football fans at-large were also robbed – of an epic “mustache-off” between Khan and head coach Jeff Fisher of the St. Louis Rams (who were rumored to covet Tebow) for Timmy’s honor. So we’re all losers.

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2009 BCS Nat’l Championship Game Live Blog

8:55 pm Getting a bit of a late start on this, on account of, you know, work and whatnot. What, you didn’t know I moonlight as a sportswriter?! Probably because I don’t, but I talk enough trash to. (Hey, at least I make sense when I open my mouth. Shut up.) Where was I? Oh, so this is sort of my lighthearted attempt at being a sports blog writer, so you can go along for the ride with me as I riff on the BCS title game between the Florida Gators and Oklahoma Sooners. And man, let me tell you, I told my boy Fred that I can’t remember the last time I was this hyped-up for a bowl game! Since the first quarter’s now up, let me get on with it.

Shouts go out to Ron Cherry for having the honor of being the first black referee to work a BCS title game. Both squads had alumni captains join their slate of team captains for this game – I got a kick out of seeing Billy Sims and Danny Wuerffel (still love that dude for handing FSU their ass in the ’96 Sugar Bowl).

9:04 pm TOUCHDOWN FLORIDA!!!!! Excellent play made by Louis Murphy to put the ball over the goal line. In an emotional game like this one, it’s important to capitalize on opportunities as they’re presented, because they can vanish just as quickly. Good that the Gators were able to go ahead and punch it in, especially after a hard-fought, scoreless first quarter. They’re no doubt pleased to draw first blood. These teams both look prepared and have brought it thus far. As expected, the athleticism and offensive savvy of both UF and OU have shown up big-time, however the coaching staffs are also playing a helluva chess game trying to match each other tit-for-tat. Right on cue, the Sooners are wasting no time and seem intent on answering the Gators’ early 2nd quarter score.

9:12 pm TOUCHDOWN SOONERS!!! What a methodical drive by Sam Bradford and the OU offense. He is as smooth as silk and totally in command in the pocket. Excellent job keeping the Gators’ D off-balance using draws and screens out of the shotgun. Chris Brown was excellent during that sequence, really picking up the slack for the absence of RB DeMarco Murray. They didn’t appear to miss a beat at all, marching down the field at will.

9:22 pm INTERCEPTION!!! No, I’m not trying to start every entry in ALL CAPS, but the action is coming fast and furious. Florida seemed to be moving the ball at a decent clip on that drive with Tebow finding modest success running the option, but Gerald McCoy just made an excellent play on that ball. You have to be super impressed by this good young D-lineman, obviously for his stellar play, however also for persevering after losing his best friend and mother Patricia McCoy, OU football’s No. 1 fan. You have to root for him.

9:35 pm What a slugfest. Don’t be misled by the 7-7 score, this game is a classic in the making. Percy Harvin is nothing but a beast. He has looked his normal, blazing self tonight, which is good to see. He’s been hobbled by that high ankle sprain since the FSU game. Man-sized goal line stand by UF on that last Oklahoma drive – I was a little surprised Stoops didn’t go for the sure 3 after getting stuffed on 3rd down by Florida’s stout D-line. Had it worked, of course, he’d have been a genius.

9:50 pm WHAT-A-FIRST-HALF-OF-FOOTBALL!!! Simply outstanding. That was a true football fan’s wet dream. I’m loving the frenetic pace of the action, and the fight both teams are showing. This game is for all the marbles, the crystal (foot)ball, and both sides have played every bit their part to a T. As I said, the halftime score totally flies in the face of the consensus opinion going into the game, which was that it would be a shootout. The Gators’ D has held firm as expected, however the oft-maligned Sooners defense has shown surprising mettle. With this game occurring so late on the docket (a full week after the New Year’s smorgasbord of bowl matchups), both schools’ coaching staffs have had ample time to scheme and prepare for the opposing side, and it is showing tonight.

That first half sort of felt like a heavyweight contest, each side cautiously probing where they could and unleashing a flurry whenever possible. The Gators’ team speed is so astonishing, especially at the skill positions obviously, that I’m surprised the Sooners have recorded so many tackles for losses and thwarted so many of Florida’s drives. Likewise, Oklahoma’s spread offense is so dynamic, having averaged 54 points a game this season while setting an NCAA FBS record of 702 points scored, that I’m stunned Florida has held them to a single touchdown. The Gators have bent but not broken, and did an excellent job on that last drive of the half of not only keeping the Sooners out of the end zone, but holding them to ZERO POINTS no less! Should be a tremendous second half. I have just enough time to run to the bathroom and grab a brew before they kick it off. 🙂

10:20 pm After some ho-hum halftime performances (Shouts out to the Marching 100, the baddest GD band in the land), both teams pick right up where they left off. Tebow just missed by a fingertip’s length of connecting with Percy Harvin on a big gainer. After a booming punt by UF’s Chas Henry, Oklahoma’s offense fails to one-up the Gators and are forced to kick it away. OHHHHHHHHHHH A NEAR BLOCKED PUNT!!! WOW, I thought that was a ‘questionable’ call at best on the personal foul (I could just as easily call it a BS one): they were going hard after the kick, that’s just good, hard-nosed football. At least it didn’t cost Florida much, other than maybe a few yards of field position.

10:33 pm Nice run there by Tebow, he’s finally starting to come alive. As his coaches will quickly tell you, he has the will of a brahma bull – not to mention the body of one. He’s built like a linebacker but runs like a halfback, and has that nose for the sticks that you just can’t coach. Tebow just showed you that he also puts a deft touch on the football, and that skill set makes him and this team so tough to contend with. Again, Tim just misses Lou Murphy. This has been a GAME of near-misses thus far, and it looks like whichever team can make that one definitive play might prevail.

10:39 pm WILLPOWER. Sheer willpower.

10:43 pm Excellent drive capped off by that Harvin TD run. One of the beauties of Urban Meyer’s spread is that you never know where the knockout blow is coming from. That score was set up by a nice catch-and-run from Jeff Demps, another flat-out speedster. The Gators have some certifiably lethal weapons, and Meyer deploys them with the conscience of a sniper.

10:55 pm This is about Round 10 of that heavyweight bout. Both sides are giving it their all, and now you start to see fatigue set in. OU’s training staff having to tend to their downed lineman seemed to provide a much-needed breather, especially for the Sooners’ defense, which stuffed Tebow on a roll-out to force a huge 4th down. They desperately need to tilt the momentum back in their favor going into the homestretch.

11:01 pm Is it me, or is this about the most half-assed announcing team you’ve ever heard in a game of this magnitude?! Bill Simmons is right: Gus Johnson has us all spoiled, and justifiably so. You certainly don’t have to sound like a maniac every other play, but show a little genuine enthusiasm for the contest that’s unfolding – the same enthusiasm Joe Six Pack, and hockey moms everywhere, no doubt are showing at home.

11:06 pm My god, Sam Bradford is beyond impressive. He is so still he’s almost preternaturally composed in the pocket, and threads the ball in to his receivers with touch that would put your grandma to shame. On this biggest of stages, the 2008 Heisman Trophy winner is rising to the occasion, scoring a desperately needed knockdown to even things up on the judges’ card.

11:21 pm After holding Florida to just a trey, OU had to be feeling good about their chances. That is, until that Bradford pick. I hope I didn’t jinx him by singing his praises just a minute ago. Looked like that pass sailed a bit on him, and that was just enough for Gator ballhawk Ahmad Black to do his best Ed Reed impersonation. There’s still plenty of time left on the clock, but it’s looking like UF has the fresher legs right now.

11:30 pm Harvin was sidelined for the bulk of Florida’s last drive after a rather dirty move by Sooner DB Nic Harris following his tackle. After that last run it looked like it’s not slowing Percy.

11:33 pm See what I mean?!?! You needed John Madden making the call on that nice catch-and-run on 3rd down by Hernandez. ‘BOOM!!!’

11:35 pm Speaking of BOOM, there went the dynamite…

11:37 pm I think I just saw Superman changing into his Tim Tebow pajamas.

11:50 pm WOW. Just WOW. What a performance turned in by the Florida Gators, worthy of the true champions they are. You have to tip your cap to Oklahoma for bringing the fight to them, but in the end, UF’s preponderance of weapons and Tim Tebow’s indomitable will proved to be too much. On First Take this morning, Skip Bayless intimated that Bob Stoops does less with more than any big-name coach in America, and while I would not characterize him that harshly, you have to admit his teams have a certain knack for turning into pumpkins as the clock approaches midnight.

Ultimately, and this of course has been debated ad nauseum, I have to chalk this one up to the sheer superiority of the SEC as a football conference in this country. It was a banner year for the Big XII as a whole, and you also saw outstanding performances sprinkled throughout the rest of the nation’s conferences (USC in the Pac-10, Penn State in the Big Ten, etc.), however three consecutive BCS National Champions (and four in six years) simply ends the discussion. Congrats to Gator Nation on a much-deserved title, and godspeed to whomever plans to upend the inevitable SEC entrant in this game next year.

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